How can we expand economic security for all families and businesses?

Introducing the GogyUp Reader

Now, adults can improve their  literacy while reading any text, at any time.

Designed with emerging adult readers, the GogyUp Reader is a no-cost application that embeds personalized reading instruction within any text accessible on an Android device or the Web.  Readers may set their level, choose between traditional blocktext and LiveInk formatting, and build their skills as they read what they want:  eMail messages, Facebook posts, or selections from our curated library.  For free!

In Beta – Download and Try Now!
Gogy What?

( go – gee – up)

Our mission is to solve two critical problems: the shortage of qualified workers and the few options for the 36,000,000 American adults who have not acquired the academic skills for living-wage work.

Creating Upward Trajectory

Employers are seeking employees with specific skills yet the Adult Basic Education needs greater capacity to educate millions.

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Custom Training

Employers need a reliable and flexible system to ensure their employees understand technical documentation.  Our training platform allows employers to post their training content on top of our instructional model. 

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With our collaborative partners, GogyUp ensures employers have a training platform that matches current and emerging skill needs.

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Credentials With Meaning

When an employee or adult student earns a credential, employers can review what was learned, how long the student persevered to learn a skill, etc.

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