The  GogyUp  Literacy Support System
Built with adults from limited literacy backgrounds and their employers, the GogyUp Literacy Support System (LSS) is:
  • The GogyUp Reader: a free app that embeds phonemic awareness and vocabulary acquisition within any text. Curated readings in our in-app library also contain no-fail puzzles to build comprehension. 
  • The GogyUp Trainer: a standalone, human resource tool for supervisors and any employee. The GogyUp LSS expands the opportunities for the employee to train and learn how work confidently and safely.  The supervisor gets a new window in to how well employees understand their assigned work:
                1) Using any pre-existing training documentation,
                2) Upload it to your GogyUp Trainer,
                3) Select key vocabulary and concepts you need your employees to know to work safely and efficiently, 
                4) Publish and send to employee
GogyUp Reader accounts on any Android, iOS smart device or the Web.
                5) Follow employee progress, identify areas for intervention, and effortlessly keep a log of who has trained for what.  

For Employers
The GogyUp Trainer:

  • Lowers workplace language barriers.
  • Reduces paperwork. 
  • Enhances your on-boarding and training with just-in-time reading assistance for your employees.
  • Ensures all employees are ready to work safely and productively. 
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For Adult Readers
The GogyUp Reader:

  • FREE  reading assistance for any word, any sentence, any text.
  • FREE  personalized instruction.
  • No hoops. Read what you want.

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For  Learning English 
The GogyUp Reader:

  • Learn each of the 43 English sounds.
  • Understand how each sound is spelled.
  • Master vocabulary for  work.
GogyUp’s Literacy Support System (LSS)

GogyUp LSS reduces language barriers between employees and supervisors as it increases employee literacy – enabling your company to increase safety and productivity while expanding your employees’ skills and knowledge.

The right people with the right experience at the right time.
Our name, GogyUp (go-jee-up) reflects our mission to combine the right pedaGOGY with the appropriate technology to expand access to literacy instruction, reduce workplace language barriers and increase economic opportunity. 

Our founding team brings a set of skills that uniquely equips GogyUp to:
  1. Deepen the pool of talent necessary to expand the nation’s workforce, 
  2. Profoundly expand opportunity for any adult to achieve English literacy, 
  3. Ensure prosperity for all families and businesses.
But the team’s greatest asset is our ethos to hold our “students” (Gogy-speak for our end-users) and our customers (employers) at the center of everything.  We constantly strive to understand all the factors in our students’ lives and the challenges our customers seek to solve.  
Ned Zimmerman-Bence: Co-Founder 

 Business Development and  Operations

Ned’s twenty-five year career spanned different environments (special education, K-12 and Higher Education) and various roles (classroom teacher, instructional designer, school administrator, program design and implementation of Open Educational Resources at state and national levels).  These experiences give him a broad and deep knowledge of the various factors contributing to a program’s failure and success.  

David Radcliffe, PhD: Co-Founder 

Data Science and Engineering

After receiving his Ph.D. in Mathematics, David followed his passion for teaching others and taught mathematics to community college students and New Americans preparing to enter college.  He then heard the siren song of GogyUp that allows him to apply both his passion for data science and deep learning with expanding opportunities for learning.

Brian Lukis: Co-Founder

Chris Koranda: Co-Founder

Engineering & Design
As two early stage employees at ProtoLabs, Brian & Chris developed, scaled, and managed the business-critical applications that eventually generated over $100 million in annual sales. 
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